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Explore the world with handy: Osaka chapter

Posted on Dec 18, 2017 12:15:15 PM

Osaka, Japan at the Taiko Drum Bridge of Sumiyoshi Taisha Grand Shrine..jpeg 


Japan’s diverse and beautiful landscapes provide the perfect travel experience, from traditional temples and shrines in Kyoto, to towering skyscrapers above the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. It’s no surprise that international tourism is so successful. Since handy launched in Japan earlier this year, the handy smartphone is already available in over 100,000 room across the country. We discuss the popularity and importance of good partnerships with Hiro Katsuse, handy’s CEO of Japan.


How has partnering up with Osaka tourism board helped handy to provide a better service?

handy can now provide users in Osaka with more localized content and information. Tourists can obtain live information through OSAKA INFO on handy, making it easier to explore and get the full experience that Osaka has the offer.


What do you think caused handy to have such a positive reaction in Japan?

The focused and consistent marketing exposure from our partners at HoteRes have helped us establish ourselves nationwide and remind hotels to consider our services.

Free Wi-Fi connectivity outside hotels is relatively poor around Japan and various local governments and tourism bureaus were looking for a new solution to work with instead of projecting a city-wide Wi-Fi project, our service was the obvious solution for them to go with.

Tourism is one of the growing business sectors in Japan and is only going to increase when we host the World Cup Rugby games in 2019 and the Olympic games in 2020.

Why are good partnerships important for handy?

By working with partners such as Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and HoteRes, we are able to expand the values handy can offer in order to attract both hotels and guests. This helps us to achieve our main goal of becoming the most demanded infrastructure within tourism industry such as hotels, tourism offices and of course tourists themselves.

Japanese cuisine is an all-time favourite cuisine, could you share with us some top restaurants try in Osaka?

Osaka offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine, especially Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M a Japanese BBQ restaurant, has been awarded one of the best restaurants in Osaka by foreign travelers. It is located in the middle of Japan’s historic attraction, “Hozenji Yokocho” and has been said to serve the best Matsusaka beef in town!

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